Reliable GS YUASA Batteries for Start/Stop and Micro Hybrid Vehicles

YBX9000 AGM and YBX7000 EFB battery from GS YUASA.


It is clear from the developments in vehicle technology that the battery is becoming a critical component in ensuring that the new ECO initiatives will deliver the increases in fuel economy and reductions in CO2 emissions required by legislation. In the past years, GS YUASA has developed new battery technologies (AGM and EFB) to meet the increasing demands of newly introduced vehicles.


It is impossible to expect the current day conventional flooded Lead Acid battery to meet the requirements of Stop/Start and Micro hybrid 2 and 3 vehicles. GS YUASA has therefore developed new battery technologies. It is essential to replace the OEM specified battery with that of the same (AGM with AGM, etc.) or increased technology and specification in the aftermarket.


YBX9000 AGM Start/Stop Plus Batteries


The GS YUASA AGM batteries have been designed to fulfill the very special requirements of modern day vehicles which feature high levels of electrical equipment and emission target driven Carbon Dioxide (CO2) reduction control systems, such as:

  • Micro hybrid 1: Idle Stop/Start (ISS)
  • Micro hybrid 2: Charge Management (Alternator control) and Regenerative Braking
  • Micro hybrid 3: Passive boost (Battery powered starter/generator boosted engine allowing engine downsizing with no reduction in performance)


The AGM battery has unique features that differentiate it from traditional conventional flooded Lead Acid batteries, such as: Fully sealed and leak proof, VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) “recombinant” technology, and calcium calcium plates. Features:

  • extremely low self-discharge rates
  • high levels of vibration resistance and durability
  • maintenance-free
  • low internal resistance and greatly reduced battery discharge and recharge times


YBX7000 EFB Batteries


The GS YUASA EFB batteries are based on a conventional flooded Lead Acid battery design but with improved specification and performance. Featuring increased cyclic durability and an improved ability to accept charge current by various changes to battery construction and materials. EFB technology offers a cost effective solution for low specification entry level vehicles.
Benefits over Conventional Flooded Batteries:

  • very good battery discharge and recharge times (+170 percent)
  • 100 percent longer cycle life
  • sealed double lid with integrated flame arrestor


About GS YUASA Battery Germany GmbH (


GS YUASA is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of rechargeable batteries, with production facilities worldwide, as well as original equipment manufacturer for many major brands. Each battery in the YBX automotive series is extremely powerful, high quality and reliable..


GS YUASA Battery Germany GmbH, founded in 1983 as YUASA Battery (Europe) GmbH, has its headquarters in Krefeld and serves 15 countries within Europe from there. The three business areas include the automotive sector (automotive starter batteries), motorcycles (motorcycle starter batteries) and industrial (industrial batteries for standby and cyclical applications).


GS YUASA is sponsor of the Yamaha Teams im Motocross GP.
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