Using the sun and wind more effectively: How the LIM series from GS YUASA contributes to the expansion of renewable energies.

Sustainability through Yuasa. Using the sun and wind more effectively.


According to calculations, eight billion people will be living on the earth as of November 2022 – and the trend is rising.


This, together with economic development, is increasing the global demand for energy. If, in addition, political conflicts negatively influence the until know seemingly secure sources of energy, the urgency of the change away from limited fossil fuels to renewable energies such as solar and wind power will be forced. It’s a task that nations around the world have on their agendas.


Japan is giving top priority to the use of renewable energy as a primary energy source to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. Renewable energy is expected to account for more than 50% of annual electricity generation. A system that efficiently utilizes this energy and ensures a constant supply of electricity without waste is essential for expanding the use of these energies.
GS Yuasa solves this problem through technology: by compensating for fluctuations in power generation through a system that includes storage batteries, a stable power supply is possible. Within the LIM series, GS YUASA offers lithium-ion batteries designed for use in demanding environments due to their high reliability, stable performance and long life.


GS YUASA offers the following products for an uninterruptible power supply:

  • LIM50EL, high energy modules with a maximum discharge current of 300A (6C) and a lifetime of over 11,000 cycles (DoD 100%, at 25°C).
  • LIM30HL, high energy modules with a maximum charge and discharge current of 600A(20C) and a lifetime of 30,000 cycles (DoD 100%, at 25°C).
  • LIBM II, a battery management system, which ensures optimal operation of the lithium-ion batteries and protects them from incorrect charging behavior or overheating.
The advantage of the LIM product range is its availability in a wide range of different capacities, so that the right solution can be implemented for any energy storage requirement. GS YUASA is constantly working on innovative storage technologies and thus on solutions for the global energy transition.


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