High performance charging of motorcycles with the YCX1.5 from GS YUASA

The intelligent charger YCX1.5 from GS YUASA ensures longer life, maintenance of performance and reliability.


Optimized charging performance for lead-acid, AGM, lithium and gel batteries


With the YCX1.5 intelligent charger, GS YUASA enables a fully automatic 7-stage charging and maintenance process through which battery care is optimized. It is suitable for use with motorcycle and power sport batteries with 6V or 12V. Depending on the requirements, the charging process is carried out with 2Ah to 30Ah and thus with more power than comparable models available on the market.


With intelligent features such as automatic battery diagnostics with patented rejuvenation phase to stop the sulphation process or detection and reporting of all charging faults caused by battery problems, the YCX1.5 ensures longer life, maintaining performance and reliability.


Automatic trickle charge during storage


A power-saving eco mode maintains the optimal state of charge while the battery is in storage. In this case, the trickle charge is up to 120Ah.


Optimal user experience and ease of use


Permanently attachable, rugged and integrated terminal and lug connections allow for uncomplicated “plug and play”. Compact format features interchangeable jacks for use in Europe, the UK and the US. Intuitive navigation keys and informative indicator LEDs. Enhanced safety features with short-circuit, overcharge and reverse polarity protection round out the product in favor of reliability.


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GS YUASA is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of rechargeable batteries with production facilities worldwide and an extensive marketing and distribution network in Europe. The wide range of lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries covers most well-known industrial applications, such as security and alarm systems, UPS and emergency lighting systems as well as OEM equipment. The three business units include Industrial (industrial batteries for standby and cyclic applications), Automotive and Motorcycle (automotive and motorbike starter batteries).
GS YUASA Battery Germany GmbH, founded in 1983 as YUASA Battery (Europe) GmbH, is based in Krefeld and serves 15 countries within Europe from there.


GS YUASA is sponsor of the Yamaha Teams im Motocross GP.
GS YUASA is sponsor of the Repsol Honda Teams HRC in der MotoGP.
GS YUASA is sponsor of the GERT56 Racing Teams.
GS YUASA is sponsor of the Düsseldorfer EG.