Optimized batteries for hybrid and electric vehicles.

Sustainability and batteries don’t have to be mutually exclusive.


Products from GS YUASA support the turnaround in the automotive industry.


Sustainability and batteries don’t have to be mutually exclusive: For one thing, GS Yuasa is constantly working to drive its own carbon neutrality in the EU, the US, China, Japan and other countries around the world. Another part of this effort is to accelerate the adoption of hybrid and electric vehicles to reduce CO2 emissions in the automotive industry. In addition, GS Yuasa’s products ensure that the environmental impact of gasoline vehicles is reduced by increasing fuel efficiency.
GS Yuasa’s products support the shift to environmentally friendly vehicles, with the Japanese company promoting the introduction of hybrid and electric vehicles with high-performance lithium-ion batteries. For example, the battery manufacturer expanded its production capacity for lithium-ion batteries for use in hybrid vehicles. GS YUASA subsidiary Blue Energy Co, Ltd, also strengthened its existing production lines and is building a second plant at the same location. The new Blue Energy plant is expected to come on line before the end of fiscal 2022, at least doubling current production capacity by fiscal 2023.
Nevertheless, the company’s strategy also includes the development of high-quality lead-acid batteries for more environmentally friendly vehicle starting systems and vehicles with start-stop systems. These initiatives contribute to the creation of a sustainable society by developing and providing products with higher performance and quality to meet the global demand for environmentally friendly vehicles.
The two development modifications of the conventional lead-acid battery that meet these needs are AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) and EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) technology. Both are used in modern vehicles with start/stop systems. AGM batteries are the optimum choice for integration into energy management and brake force recovery systems.
A more cost-effective solution is provided by EFB, as the design is based on the conventional lead-acid battery, but with improved specification and performance.


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GS YUASA is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of rechargeable batteries with production facilities worldwide and an extensive marketing and distribution network in Europe. The wide range of lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries covers most well-known industrial applications, such as security and alarm systems, UPS and emergency lighting systems as well as OEM equipment. The three business units include Industrial (industrial batteries for standby and cyclic applications), Automotive and Motorcycle (automotive and motorbike starter batteries).
GS YUASA Battery Germany GmbH, founded in 1983 as YUASA Battery (Europe) GmbH, is based in Krefeld and serves 15 countries within Europe from there.


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