GS YUASA’s popular VRLA battery conductance tester gets a brand-new look

The GYT117 battery tester focuses on user-friendliness.


GS YUASA, European market leader for VRLA industrial batteries, have reintroduced an updated version of their highly popular YSP117 conductance tester. Widely regarded as the number one choice for installers testing small batteries, the new GS YUASA GYT117 picks up where the YSP117 left off.


The rebrand brings with it a sleek new design incorporating the battery manufacturer’s black and orange colours whilst keeping the ease of use the unit is renowned for. The move brings it in line with GS YUASA’s latest generation of workshop products and accessories, including the GYT250 Battery & Electrical System Tester and Yu-Fit Battery Configuration Tool.
The GS YUASA GYT117 provides a user-friendly solution to quickly testing the state of health of 6 and 12 Volt valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries ranging from 0.5Ah to 25Ah capacity. It is specifically designed for testing batteries used in security systems, fire alarms, emergency lighting, mobility vehicles, small UPS systems and many other applications. The GYT117 offers enhanced battery conductance testing to help ensure critical systems are operational in the event of power loss. Furthermore, it utilises patented conductance technology, minimising technician risk and battery stress.
“We are delighted to have unveiled our new look conductance tester for industrial batteries. The GYT117 features the same industry-leading technology as its predecessor, the YSP117, which remains highly favoured among electrical installers and contractors worldwide,” said Mike Taylor, Product Manager at GS YUASA Battery Manufacturing UK. “When looking to rebrand the YSP117, we were keen to ensure we maintained the robust design and simple operation. The GYT117 will still allow users to be able to carry out an accurate voltage and conductance test in under ten seconds, making it the easiest and most effective tester of its kind on the market.”
GS YUASA’s comprehensive industrial range covers applications where a long-life rechargeable power source is needed. The manufacturer’s market leading NP, SWL, EN, ENL and FXH ranges are trusted by industry professionals across the globe, to provide dependable backup power in a wide range of applications. Including uninterruptible power supply (UPS), energy storage, renewable energy, security and fire alarms, and telecommunications.


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GS YUASA is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of rechargeable batteries with production facilities worldwide and an extensive marketing and distribution network in Europe. The wide range of lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries covers most well-known industrial applications, such as security and alarm systems, UPS and emergency lighting systems as well as OEM equipment. The three business units include Industrial (industrial batteries for standby and cyclic applications), Automotive and Motorcycle (automotive and motorbike starter batteries).
GS YUASA Battery Germany GmbH, founded in 1983 as YUASA Battery (Europe) GmbH, is based in Krefeld and serves 15 countries within Europe from there.


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